Dark Destiny - West Norwood

West Norwood Cemetery

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Opened in 1837 West Norwood cemetery contains some 65 Grade II listed monuments, and is the final resting place of Mrs Beeton (of cookery book fame), Sir Henry Doulton (pottery), and Sir Henry Tate (English sugar merchant, art patron and public benefactor), also the artist David Roberts and architect William Burges.
Norwood has unfortunately suffered from both the bombs of World War II and more recently the local council, who during the 1980's cleared around 40% of monuments and tombs in a bid to create more burial space.
Despite it's troubled past West Norwood is an impressive cemetery with some stunning architecture, a credit indeed to the efforts of "The Friends of West Norwood Cemetery".

West Norwood Cemetery
Norwood Road
West Norwood
SE27 9JU


Sir Hiram Maxim inventor of the machine gun.
Sir Henry Bessemer, engineer and inventor of the famous steel process.
 James Henry Greathead who tunnelled much of the London Underground.
William Burges and Sir William Tite, gothic architects.

Dr William Marsden, founder of the Royal Free Hospital and The Royal Marsden Hospital.
Dr Gideon Mantell, the geologist and pioneering palaeontologist.
Sister Eliza Roberts, (Florence Nightingale's principal nurse during the Crimean War).

Sir Henry Tate, sugar magnate and founder of London's Tate Gallery.
Paul Julius Baron von Reuter, founder of the news agency.
Revd. Charles Spurgeon, Baptist preacher.

David Roberts, artist.
Joseph Barnby, composer and resident conductor at the Royal Albert Hall.
Katti Lanner, ballet dancer.
Patsy Smart, TV-Upstairs, Downstairs actress.
Mary Brough, actress in Aldwych farces.

C. W. Alcock, founder of Test cricket and the FA Cup.
Georg Hackenschmidt, Anglo-Estonian professional wrestler.