Dark Destiny - Tottenham Park Cemetery

Tottenham Park Cemetery

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Established as a paupers cemetery in 1912 Tottenham Park is now largely a Muslim burial ground. Most original graves from it's formative years would of been unmarked and probably have now been re-used.

Speaking with a lady visitor during our visit it would appear that a disagreement between Church/local authority and the owners resulted in a parting of ways and the Cemetery becoming Muslim only.

A few C of E graves still survive in small clusters around the northern side of the ground along with the centrally positioned Gothic Chapel in a bad state of dereliction.

It comes as no great surprise to learn that Tottenham Park Cemetery is now owned by 'Badgehurst Environmental Holdings', the same company that owns Woodgrange Park Cemetery in East London. Both had similar Chapels and we fear both will have the same fate.

In the early 1990's the Friends of Tottenham Park Cemetery was formed. They now undertake the upkeep and most of the cemeteries maintenance.

Tottenham Park Cemetery
Dodsley Place, off Montagu Road, Edmonton
N18 2NF

Photos taken 11th October 2015