Dark Destiny - St James Church, Enfield

St James Church

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The Enfield Poltergeist

Just around the corner from St James Church and Hertford Road Cemetery is the site of the infamous 1978 Enfield Poltergeist in Green Street. The story of the hauntings had connections to a graveyard in the 2015 three part TV drama series.  We would imagine those connections are linked to the Cemetery rather then the graveyard. Pictured below is the house (center) where the hauntings took place, (we have removed door numbers to help protect privacy).

More information on the Enfield Poltergeist from Wikipedia


St James Church was the first Anglican place of worship to be established in the parish of Enfield in addition to the parish church. It was built by subscription as a chapel of ease on land given by Woodham Connop and consecrated on 15 October 1831 by the Bishop of London, Charles Blomfield. A district was assigned to the church on 9 December 1833, comprising the whole of the parish of east of a line drawn at a distance of 150 yards to the west of the main road from Edmonton to Cheshunt. The church was licensed for marriages in 1845.

The architect was William Conrad Lochner (c.1779-1861), surveyor to the Royal Exchange Assurance Co., who designed a church in a very similar style at de Beauvoir Town, Hackney, and restored St Andrew's church, Enfield. It was built from stock brick with stone dressings in a plain "Commissioners gothic" style with aisles and a western tower. Structural problems with the church soon emerged. In 1841 the Ecclesiologist magazine reported "St James Enfield Highway which has been consecrated six or eight years, is already condemned as 'dangerous', since the heavy tied roof is threatening to fall in from the rotting of the ends of the beams, which are said to have been laid in the most disgraceful manner upon the mere damp brick-work.

The Church is situated to the front of Hertford Road Cemetery, which although it is a little difficult to determine where the Graveyard finishes and the Cemetery begins they apparently have no connection both now and in the past.

Credit Wikipedia

Photos taken 11th October 2015

St James Church
Hertford Road