Dark Destiny - St Andrew's, Enfield

St Andrew's, Enfield

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St Andrew's Enfield is a Church of England church in Enfield, London. It's a grade II listed building with the church nave and tower dating from the 16th century.

A curious epitaph in the churchyard to Thomas Carter, who died in 1742, reads:

"Wail not our fate, wail for thy own;
 We rest in peace, while you drudge on."

We visited the church on the sunny Sunday morning the 19th of July 2015 where it quickly became apparent this is a thriving church within the community. The graveyard has an impressive selection of tombs and monuments which celebrate the great and the good of Victorian Enfield.

To the north of the church building the graveyard appears relatively untouched, almost like a time capsule shielded from the urban noise and bustle by the trees casting their dappled shade over the Victorian tombs.

Overall St Andrew's Church was a pleasant surprise in what is now a busy multi-cultural area of north London.

Church of St Andrew
Silver Street