Dark Destiny - Brookwood Cemetery

Update 11th June 2016 - All Brookwood Cemetery photos have now been restored to this page.

Update June 2016 - Now under the ownership of the local authority the restrictions and permit requirements for photography at Brookwood Cemetery have now been relaxed. Although entrance signs may still make reference to the previous restrictions photography is now permitted without any prior permissions or permits.

Over the next few days we will restore our full selection of photos which were withdrawn in 2009 at the request of the then Managing Director.

With thanks to Mark for updating us on these positive changes.

Update 2015 - Woking Borough Council secures ownership of Brookwood Cemetery - Click Here

With Brookwood now under the ownership of Woking Borough Council we are waiting for a change in photography policy to bring Brookwood in-line with other sites of historic interest. Therefore we will hopefully be returning all Brookwood photos after a gap of 6 years, see below.

Brookwood Cemetery management requested in 2009 that all photos of the Cemetery were removed. Since the Cemetery Company do not own the Military Section those photos have remained on display.

In late 2012 the ownership of  Brookwood Cemetery was transferred by order of court. As yet we are unaware of the new owners stance on the photography issue. Should that stance be brought in-line with other Cemeteries and photography permitted then we shall return all our photos to complete this page.

Brookwood Cemetery

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Brookwood Cemetery is situated 25 miles south of London city center in the Village of Brookwood in Surrey. The cemetery is the largest in the UK covering 2,000 acres.
Opened in 1852 Brookwood was estimated to have enough burial capacity to last 500 years. It was hoped that the cemetery, providing for all denominations, would be a massive success and that Londoners would be happy to be buried away from the city. Unfortunately despite being served by two cemetery stations and the Necropolis railway from London Waterloo this was never the case.

We visited Brookwood at the end of September 2007 and the weather turned out almost perfect for the occasion. Living over 60 miles away travel by train took almost two and a half hours but that did include an added stop to buy new tickets as we reached the limit of zone 6 at Surbiton.
As we were on foot it took just under seven hours to photograph but it is possible to see all the interesting parts without a car, although a bicycle would have come in very handy. Despite some impressive statues and mausoleums, Brookwood (in my opinion) does not come close to the magnificence of Highgate or Kensal Green. It seems to be a victim of it's own size, and the systematic bricking up of almost all mausoleum doors by the cemetery company really does nothing for it's appeal. Later communication with the Cemetery manager revealed budget constraints as the reason for this not uncommon practice.
In complete contrast the Military cemetery, at 37 acres in size, is kept in immaculate condition. The whole area is very poignant and while being perfectly tranquil it drives home the evil that is war.

Brookwood Cemetery
Cemetery Pales
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